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The skies are cloudy

And so I can't try out my new telescope! It appeared on the My Coke Rewards and wow, I had enough points, so I ordered and it arrived! It's even a really professional sucker with all sorts of lenses and attachments and a tripod and everything! I'm filled with geeky joy. I haven't had a telescope since I was a kid (and that was just a hand-held thingie).

Because I am a follower, I

Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

The Cuddleslut

You're mostly secure, but sometimes you need a little extra reassurance to make it through the tough times. You are usually affectionate and sweet, and you find it easy to fall in love. An encouraging word from a crush or a loved one can motivate you for weeks.

Fictional character with whom you might identify: Kaylee (Firefly/Serenity), Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)

KayleeFrye.jpg HiroNakamura.jpg

Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn | The Cuddleslut | The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap | The Squid | The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat | The Leper | The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit | The Stone | The Player
Confused: The Waffler

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I was filled with joy watching a video at nutmeg3's journal. Dancing around the world! It's from wherethehellisMatt.com. Very cool.
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