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Happy Birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday to edgedancer, who never ever posts or probably reads LJ at all!!! We'll be taking him out to dinner later.

We went to the game last night. There was no action for six innings and then we lost spectacularly 5-1. They only sell Pepsi. The Cold Stone Creamery closed after the 7th-inning stretch. We were in a bad place for the fireworks. AND I HAD THE BEST TIME EVER!!! It was just fun! I was bouncy as we left the ball park.

Yesterday of course I watched 1776, but for the first time it kinda depressed me because, Dude, who stole my country? Then I watched most of Stripes, grilled up a steak and some corn (burned that a little, oops), and had watermelon.

A very good Fourth.

Hope everyone else had a good day, too!
Tags: 4th of july, birthday
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