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I want something...

But I'm not sure what.

I took this quiz and am shamed to have missed two of them. Bad me. I still get to stay in the USA, though. *g*

Read in the paper today that as gas prices rise, more Americans are willing to go for more drilling rather than further conservation. *headdesk* I mean, seriously, how stupid ARE Americans?!?

I think the reason I hardly ever finish reading new books is because I like to re-read old ones so much. Just finished a re-read of Craig Ferguson's Between the Bridge and the River. Good story, that. I now want to re-read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. The only new books I'm reading are Dr. Who novels, which aren't exactly great literature (gym reading, usually; they don't require a lot of deep thought and the print is nice and clear for holding on the elliptical machine).

Now we've actually started a Wedding Fund. This is fun. I shall squee if we can pull this off. I've only been waiting twenty years. The only tough part is my mother has commandeered most of my vacation time this year; I only have a few days and we have to make our plans very carefully!
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