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Would I have more time...

If all things went according to plan? I somehow doubt it, but I can at least pretend to blame things like two Mondays in a row with flat tires. (Seriously, it happened again -- only this time, since I was already on the spare, I had to have the truck towed. And take money out of my Christmas club fund to buy tires. But now there's new tires.)

On Sunday night I was out in the yard moving the sprinkler and stepped on a branch or something else sharp enough to pierce through my clog into my foot. It hurts still, although the callus on my foot appears to have closed around it all right.

Monday morning I got up, puttered around the house, saw a raven, went to the gym, got to work without incident, then got the call from security about the tire. Ravens are usually GOOD omens for me. (And why, if these tires were ready to go, they couldn't go at home? No, they carry me all the way to work and then go flat on the second floor of the parking garage. Apparently, the fact that I bought them back in 2001 is really impressive; everyone freaked when they found out my tires were seven years old. I guess I got some good use out of 'em.)

Today I came home and made bacon-cheese-apple pie. This is not a dish for anyone counting calories (which I claim to be doing again), being as it has a lot of bacon, cheese, eggs, and cream in it. But it's good.

I haven't written a word in ages. Ring of Fire is in the hands of another publisher (knock wood). I'm trying to read all my writers' groups stories and get critiquing done. I'm watching the week's worth of Craig Ferguson (The Boxmasters RULE!!!), waiting for a few discs from Amazon to review (no contacts on these guys, so I had to buy 'em - but the Boxmasters impressed me so much I ordered it as soon as I saw them). Otherwise, I seem to just be sitting around goofing on LJ and reading the massive number of posts on the Doctor Who list. Am re-reading Craig's book Between the Bridge and the River, which is getting pretty high up on my "all-time favorite" books list, and what else? Not a whole heck of a lot.

For some reason I got to reading the paper again, which is just depressing these days. Will the horrible reign of Bush never end? (Actually, not even come January - I have a feeling his, um, "legacy" will be with us for a long, long time...) Between that, the money sitch (stupid tires), when I'm not writing, hole in my foot, blah blah blah, I'm just not my usual chipper self. (Ha ha ha) I feel flat.

And George Carlin died. Hopefully where'ere he's gone, he's got a place for his stuff. Rest well, George!
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