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Yesterday I was an environmentally conscious good dooby and took the bus to work (also because I don't really like driving without a spare tire). Meant to do the same today, but turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I could have made the bus if I had thrown on my clothes and raced out the door, but decided oh, well... I'll risk driving today and get on the bus tomorrow. Two days a week will help a little. I want to get to where I'm doing that more, but I waver between the saving money/saving gas/environment aspect and the fact that I like convenience AND I can't work out if I don't drive (I also can't work out if I sleep late, but I was up later than usual last night, too--a side effect of getting home about two hours later than normal).

ETA: By "work out" I mean "go to the gym." I CAN exercise at home, the trouble is, I don't. I figured it out where I could get to the gym, work out, and THEN catch the bus, but I don't think they like having people leave their cars in the gym parking lot all day... and I'd have to get there right at 5, when they open, to finish and catch the 6:15 bus (to get me to work by 7:45 -- yeah).

ANYWAY, since I missed LJ time yesterday, I have to toss out a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to cornerofmadness and, just in case, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fenchurche!!!

I almost forgot I was making yogurt cheese in the other fridge (we kept our old fridge after the remodel and put it out on the back porch); I popped out to put some sodas in there and found my cheese, completely dried of whey, so I brought it in and mixed it up with herbs to make dip (it's an Alton Brown rip - scoop about a cup of yogurt into cheesecloth on a strainer and let drain for a few hours--not necessarily the 48 I left it there for--then mix in herbs. In this case, I went with garlic, dried onion, salt, pepper, and dill--not measured, just to taste. It makes some of the Best Dip Ever).

It's that lovely time of year when the cherries and blueberries are cheap, plentiful, and delicious; my two favorite fruits, I think, really. Yum! But it is oppressively hot in Phoenix right now; it was 109 coming home, although they said the hot point yesterday was 113. I believe it -- either the 44 bus didn't have air at all or it just couldn't keep things cool yesterday. I stopped at Costco to pick up my prescription and Barb met me there, so we shopped a little and she gave me a ride home. She made guacamole last night, but it's for her office, so I doubt I'll get any.

We're having a "Heritage Food Day" on Friday -- the only thing I could think of was Irish Soda Bread (I'm aware there's more to Irish cooking, but I'm also thinking of ease of bringing to work and my essential laziness). We're almost out of flour, though.

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