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Home, home again

Vegas week, again.

My mother is a deeply exhausting person to be around. But we had a good time. She won almost $5,000 - just some awesome winning (Treasure Island, for those who like to know the good-paying casinos). We spent a few days hanging out at the pool, did some walking, some shopping, all the usual jazz. Never really logged in, just 'cause the hotels charge for wireless use PER LAPTOP, and since Barb was with me, we didn't want to pay that much. It was only five days, after all. Does mean I'm a bit behind on friends, but I'll see if I can catch up with folks.

I came home to find it's "Blog Like It's The End Of The World" day, so I figured I'd best post something, even useless gobblygook; I haven't anything really exciting to talk about - I know everyone's heard me ramble on about Las Vegas (I don't think Barb really enjoyed herself, but it was nice to have her along!). I figured out I do a LOT better if I drink more water and remember to stretch - after Vegas Fatigue set in, the second day (!), I realized that every time I go, I walk everywhere, miles & miles, and I drink a LOT of alcohol. Duh. So I did some stretching routines daily and drank water, and viola! I feel pretty good. And we have the weekend to relax, hooray.

Is it just me, or it is suspicious that just when the TSA determines we can't carry liquid through security many airlines decide to stop serving complimentary beverages? Fortunately our flight was short AND it was Southwest, who will still give you soda and peanuts, even when the flight is only 40 minutes.

Came home, found all was well (blessings upon sillymagpie!), but Cuervo indicated his displeasure in our absence by checking the litterbox I just cleaned and then pooping on the bed. *SIGH*

The other cats seem happy we're back, especially Cairo, who is very insecure and needs constant reassurance.
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