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Today I read that among the movies under consideration/already in production are such things as "Bewitched" and "The Six BILLION (inflation) Dollar Man." Apparently, "Starsky & Hutch" has already been made, with Ben Stiller as Starsky, Owen Wilson as Hutch, and Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear. My mind is doing strange little whirly things... I guess they're aiming more at the comedy aspects of the show. (Although I do kind of like the idea of Nicole Kidman as Samantha. But I hope that an updated version of her would include asking Darrin, "Are you mental?" when he requires her to be the normal little housewife. Be interesting to see how such a badly dated concept can be re-worked for a modern audience. Witch marries muggle... hmmm...) Probably the worst thing of all of these movies-from-70's-shows is I remember watching most of the shows. Yes, I watched "Charlie's Angels." As the article said, we only had three networks then. (And Britney Spears as Daisy Duke?!? Indeed, pop does go the country...)

Speaking of country-pop (or Nashville pop, as some want to dub it), there's some really good feedback from last month's editorial at Take Country Back -- so much so our Op-Ed writer was forced to address it all in THIS month's editorial. Have music sales really dropped off due to downloading, or because music today sucks? If I had any real drive at all, I'd organize a grass roots movement to have all us evil downloaders voluntarily STOP downloading for, say, a month or so and see if sales improve. I'm betting they won't, since most of the people I know are buying music, as long as we know the CD will have more than one song worth the price (this often means going directly to the artist, which doesn't show up on "Sound Scan" or however they mark sales at stores... this has the added benefit of giving more money to the artist in question than the label). I actually don't buy as many CDs as I used to, largely because as a reviewer they send me more than I can actually listen to (not always a good thing, but often wonderful). I think there's a stack of five or six sitting by my computer I haven't listened to yet because they're not on my list of "Reviews I need to do." (I guess they send reviewers all releases in the hope that a review will get published somewhere.) Klew Records calls me a "Distinguished Tastemaker." I like that title, I think I should use it everywhere.

Today I am downloading something, and I'll tell you why: A friend of mine in Australia is looking for a gift for a friend of hers. This CD is several years out-of-print, and even places like Half.com are selling it for as little as $98 American (which would add up to a really big hunk of change after postage to Australia). (It's even more disheartening to consider the artist, who was once a good country singer but sold out to Nashville Pop and now, of course, is The Next Big Thing -- I'm actually embarrassed to have his name on my hard drive.) So I'm downloading all the songs and I will MAKE her that CD for her friend. Illegal? Probably so, but if the company wanted more money from this CD, they'd print more copies of it -- they aren't getting that $98 from Half.com, that's for sure. Also downloaded a number of songs I have already paid for on vinyl. The varying levels of wrongness on the topic of downloading make me remember days when I recorded songs off the radio (which played actual music in those days) because I couldn't afford to buy all the records. Ah, when a vinyl album was $4.50...

I did three reviews today and have at least one more to do. When reviewing bluegrass music, I really need more words for "spritely."
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