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Memeing away the Memorial Day

Your Career as a Deadly Assassin (LJ) by maxgallagher
You first killed at age10
Your victim wasA celebrity
ReasonOn a whim
Your trademark weaponSwitchblade
Your reputationReckless and head-strong
You work withdrujan
You kill forRevenge
In the end, you are defeated bydinpik
Your deathSuffocated in your sleep
Your career body-count847

The bread machine leaped off the counter and committed suicide. The bread was saved by some old-fashioned kneading and is now rising in a plain bread pan. There are no bread machines for sale in either Sears or Target. It's like they went out of style when I wasn't looking, for in the areas where bread machines usually are, there were a lot of different deep-fat fryers and rice steamers (interesting juxtaposition, eh?).

We did get a new lawn trimmer, since the old one walked off the porch sometime during the last few weeks. I kept telling myself I should put it away. Oh, well. It was broken, anyway.

My father and great-uncle Albert both fought in WWII (Dad in Italy, mostly, as an Army Air Corps pilot; Albert was killed in Belgium). My great-great uncle Robert fought in WWI. I have his Purple Heart. I have the letters that were sent to my family telling them about Albert. I spent two years in the ROTC. I used to enjoy wearing my flag pin on my lapel.

Today I haven't even hung out the flag. There's only one person I blame for me losing the patriotism I grew up with. I still love my country, but oh, my... I'm so very ashamed of her these days. It's astounding how swiftly an empire can fall. It's going to take some serious building to make us what we once were in the world; I don't know if it can be done. But I really don't want to dwell on it. I am too complacent, I know that - but sometimes...



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May. 27th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
nice kill count

oddly enough i bought one of those rice steamer/fryer things eons ago when i first went to medical school. still have it. it's a fryer. it's WAY too hard to clean to make it a steamer
May. 27th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
I've used mine for both, but so far only the deep fryer option once, so I may feel differently if I do that more often. It really works well as a skillet/cook pot, too.

Of course, the ones at Target were actually the restaurant style FRYERS, sitting there NEXT to the steamers, rather than the either/or variety... I occasionally want the fancy fryer, but again, the cleaning...

May. 27th, 2008 04:43 am (UTC)
i neither steam nor fry well anything. I'm not sure why i have it though probably when i got the thing in my 20's I fried things more
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