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Catalog crazy

A week or so ago, maybe a little longer, I saw a cute cat quilt in a catalog. Now I can't find that catalog, don't remember which of the numerous ones I get that it was in, and can't seem to find it on the web, either. *sigh* It was SO CUTE, and I was hoping to replace our "summer quilt" (which is quite faded and threadbare now) with it, but I can't find it!

Yesterday I made a Paula Deen cake. I love making these things, but now we have an absolutely ENORMOUS thick rich cake full of mousse. I need to have more parties. I did something wrong with the frosting, though; been a while since I made boiled frosting and it came out rather thick and heavy rather than light and fluffy. I think my weak right arm was incapable of whipping it properly, perhaps. Should have done it with the mixer.
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