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It takes a tornado...

to ruin a perfectly good three-day weekend... the first of the year, even.

Seems the tornado that touched down 50 miles northeast of Denver touched down pretty much right exactly on our Greeley office, tearing a lot of property to pieces (although no injuries, thank goodness!), shutting down much of the main building, including our sister-unit, so that means work for the weekend, as we try to get a jump on their work for next week as well as our own. Fortunately, offices all over the country are pitching in to help, so it shouldn't be too bad... it just means I have to work tomorrow. WAH!

It's not like we really had anything planned, which is why I volunteered - most everyone else has family coming in or stuff like that. All Barb and I are gonna do is make some barbeque on Monday and I might bake a cake. Otherwise... we had our Thursday off.
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