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And now the news

Not that there really is much.

Let's see, the week in review...

Barb stayed home all week and I had to go to work. Phoenix drivers remain frustrating. I finally forced myself back into the gym, and because I have been such a slug for so long, an average workout left me feeling like someone has been hammering on all my muscles. Yet I have been trying to be really easy on my shoulder - not that this has helped, it hurts more now than it did back when I first hurt it. SO not fair. Barb can hardly hobble around (see rahirah's journal for details) and I can't lift anything with my right arm, leaving my usually weaker left arm trying to be dominant when it is not. This makes grocery shopping interesting.

So today. We went to CostCo, but Barb couldn't handle it after a while and we got away with mostly exactly what we came for (cool). I went over to Fry's on my own to check on the cherries, but it's still too early and they're way too pink.

Last Saturday I got my hair cut short. I'd been dithering between short and long for the cruise, but I like the way it's come out. It's sort of a different style for me, more of an all-one-length bob with bangs rather than the usual layered "cap o' curls" I'd done with short hair before. I think I'll keep it a while.

Moonlight was cancelled. Of course. Because I'd started liking it, of course. Why did I give it a second chance, anyway? Same reason I did Jericho. Well, one less show I have to keep track of next season, where almost everything I like is scheduled on Monday. At least Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, and all the rest of the usual suspects are coming back. Boston Legal is scheduled for only 13 more episodes, one half-season more - I'm actually glad of that, because I don't think they could sustain it too much longer, and from what I read about Shatner during the strike (how he didn't miss the show at all), I am guessing that he agreed to 13 more, and then they're calling it quits. That show really isn't much beyond the Shatner-and-Spader Comedy Hour (with some much-appreciated - at least by me - left-wing radicalisms thrown in for good measure).

Have started watching Carnivale on DVD - fascinating and creepy show. Also the uncut Dexter, also somewhat creepy, both very good. Still not worth paying for Showtime or HBO, though, especially since I CAN rent the DVDs after the fact.

Donna Noble = Second Best Companion Ever. Am loving Season Four of Doctor Who so far. Only one even slightly weak link in the whole season so far, and it's not that it was BAD, it was just weak. Could have been better.

We haven't gone to see Prince Caspian yet - soon, although I'm rather worried about the apparent appearance of teenage infatuation between Susan and Caspian, which disturbs me. I guess since they went with the slightly older version of Caspian they felt they HAD to have a love interest, but it bothers me not only because it's not in the book, but also because if they go on to Dawn Treader, of course Caspian will meet his future wife; even more importantly, Susan never comes back to Narnia. It's doomed even before it's begun (and if nothing else, these days, viewers are unrepentant shippers).

Barb and I took May 22 off to go see the earliest showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as possible. Yes, we ARE that geeky. We just haven't decided if we want to go for the 12:01 showing or wait until the next day.

I got my entry done and sent to the Molly Contest, a regional (Denver) contest for Romance writers of every genre - and they turned out to be VERY nice folks, who let me re-submit when the conversion between WordPerfect and Word ONCE AGAIN ruined my formatting (even in .rtf format). I talk them up because they are nice folks, whether I win or lose.

So, back to today. Laundry done, then chocolate chip cookies made, wings fried and tossed in wing sauce, overall good stuff. Now watching the very silly and, yes, I'm laughing my ass off, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Another good weekend. So many things I still need to do...
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