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Microsoft Word is FRUSTTRATING ME

Okay, I know there's an easy way to suppress page numbers on page one (start on page 2), but I can't figure it out. When I set it to "start on page two" it sets page 1 AS page 2 and "starts" there.


I think my "final" version of the novel is on my jump drive. Yes, I'm entering another contest. Why the hell not? I can't get any AGENTS to like it...

Enough of the feeling sorry for myself.

Quick weekly television rundown:
I'm glad I stuck with Moonlight. Looking forward to the finale next week.
Lost is delightful and filled with OMG WTF mystery.
Doctor Who was a good concept that sort of fell flat.
Ugly Betty remains good, but I'm saddened by the current turn of events.
I MISSED THE SCRUBS FINALE!!!!! I have to check iTunes and see when it's available for download. On the other hand, hooray, ABC picked it up for an eighth season. I be happy. Of course, they'll probably put it on Monday night.

Today is the eleventh. I have to figure out Word's peccadilloes by the 15th to enter this contest. On the other hand, since they want entries in .rtf format, maybe I can work on these things in WordPerfect, which would make me very happy...
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