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Used Cat for Sale

Skinny, finicky, sheds long hair everywhere except where it gets barfed up as hairballs, but very loving with large eyes.

So, since I started using the laptop most of the time, I haven't sat down at my desk in a few days. But once in a while I need the desktop for something, so I went in to boot up and sat down. The keyboard felt funny. Scratchy. Dry.

As though a cat had hacked up a hairball on it.


Who knows how to clean cat barf out of a keyboard (short of immersing it or getting rid of it - it's a fairly expensive cordless)?

I guess I need to remember to throw the cover over it before I leave it for any length of time... of course, that won't help all the REST of my desk, the stereo, the stereo remote, the printer stand... Yes, I know I should discourage him from sleeping on my desk, but honestly, unless I stay here and keep an eye on him 24/7, that ain't happenin'. Silhouette is nothing if not persistent - if you take him off something he's not supposed to be on, he will jump right back up - and he will keep that up until you are tired and give up.

I also (ew) need a new address book.


GAH! He's barfing again! (At least on the tile...)

Remind me again why I like cats...

So, I realize this morning that Mother's Day is actually THIS coming Sunday, and not the following one, as I had been laboring under the impression it was. So I raced home to make sure I had a present delivered to Mom by the weekend (it will be delivered Friday), rather than meandering around shopping, as I had planned.

I'd been toying with letting my hair grow long for the cruise, but it's hot and heavy and rather scraggly looking. I think I'll chop it off. (Or rather, have Rick chop it off.)
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