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Naturally, I forget

I don't post every day because my life is not that exciting; however, because I DO put it off until the weekend, or something pressing comes up, I always forget what I wanted to commemorate in glorious print.

I went through a week where I also didn't post because I am trying to avoid posting when I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I was going through a period of feeling sorry for myself most of the past week. Since it had nothing to do with anything, I decided against recording it for posterity. On the other hand, I did have some good ideas and now I can't remember any of them.

I've been working heavily on Book Two (which still doesn't have a title), although there's still no interest in Book One. No, I don't think I can make a living at this - I read the blog of an author whom I think is one of the best writers living and I see the trouble HE has - but like I said, I just want readers who like my work. That's all. (One of the things, of course, causing the aforementioned "I hate myself" phase.) ANYWAY, the work continues apace. I've been getting some pretty good feedback, at least.

: Lost okay; I'm not on the "I hate Jack and Kate" bandwagon, but they aren't my favorites, either. It was just information, which I like, and unlike a lot of people, I don't feel hopelessly "Lost," just more and more intrigued. Since this is one show I'm actually watching for the story rather than the characters, I'm not utterly destroyed by the thought that Jack & Kate might someday get married. The main one I pull for is Hurley, and I know he's at least alive (and Desmond, but since he wasn't ON Oceanic 815, he could survive without being one of the "Oceanic 6"). Besides, if Hurley is correct and they're already dead, then what does it matter who lives and who dies?

Haven't watched Moonlight yet.

Ugly Betty was loads of fun, although they resolved the Renee storyline a LOT faster than I thought they would.

House was full of delightful House/Wilson goodness, and I barely remember the week's mystery or how it was resolved, but my, I loved the House and Chase bowling scene.

Doctor Who was good, much better than I was dreading from Helen Raynor, who gave me that appalling Evolution of the Daleks last year. I grow to like Donna more and more, who instead of hugging the Doctor after the crisis, instead smacked him. And Ten needs to be smacked sometimes, which makes Donna a perfect companion. So, was the brief clip of Rose on the screen before Donna tuned in the Doctor a shot from the past, or the now? Rose calling out for the Doctor?

I haven't watched a lot of other things yet. I'll try and catch up with Tivo tomorrow.

The Diamondbacks won, 10-4, today, making up for yesterday's loss. Go D-backs! We have the best record in the league, 21-9 for the season.

I blame fenchurche for sitting here eating dates filled with cheese and pecans. Yum yum yum! (They also go REALLY well with little chocolate wafer cookies...)

We went to Trader Joe's this morning for our main shopping, then went to run errands and take care of things for Barb's mom. Got most of the laundry done. Don't really know where the day went to - was woken up fairly early, yet somehow suddenly it was past three. In trying to fix the vacuum cleaner (clogged hose, nothing seriously), I pinched my fingertips and now there's a slight bruise under my fingernail and it hurts. I had a hard time sleeping last night, not really sure why.

I made spicy pulled pork for Tres de Mayo, which we ate on tortillas with cheeses and the usual, Barb made guacamole, there's nice Trader Joe's salsa, and we're watching uncut Dexter. It's a good evening.
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