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I hope that somewhere inside of me is a story as profound and as deeply touching, as large and as warm, as quirky and as marvelous, as this story. That I was sobbing like a child at the end had not just to do with the tale itself, which was both sad and uplifting, but also with the dread horror that I could never, ever write anything so beautiful, so wonderful, so masterful, so tender, and so delightful as this story. That it was beautifully executed on screen helped, and acted with supreme eloquence (is there anything Ewan McGregor can't do?), but more it was a story that reached down into the very soul of my writer's self and tapped on each and every heartstring.

I don't know that I can actually wholeheartedly endorse this film to just everyone, though. It held a number of bizarre elements, exactly of the sort that some people I know would just be confused by and miss the underlying wonder of the tale; I'm not sure if everyone would be hit in the same way as me. That I wasn't the only one crying strikes me as significant (because I was with people who normally don't cry at movies, whereas I am given to crying at card tricks), but I also heard commentary from folks leaving who didn't care for it (or discussing whether or not the giant was actually a real person or not), whilst I was actually sobbing, not just dabbing discretely at a few misty tears. Of course, as I said, I don't know if I was crying just because the story touched me, or because I also realized I may never be able to write something that wonderful in my entire life.

I suppose I need to read the book now.
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