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And it's not even an April Fool's Day joke!


Our new supervisor got together with our old supervisor and played a gag on us all. We fell for it, even (told us our new guy was being transferred out and we'd have to break in another new one - considering the general bungee-boss thing, it was plausible!). It was a pretty fun day.

I feel a little crappy, though. Don't know if it's allergies or if I have something; and I strained my back, at the gym yesterday, I think, so it just hurts enough to be annoying when I move (not bad, mind you, just annoying). But on the whole, a pretty good day. A woman at the gym stopped to tell me how good I'm looking (she's a regular, I see her almost every day). That felt good.

There is a chicken roasting in the oven with numerous root veggies.
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