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I can has a brain

I put my hard-won passport in a Safe Place. Therefore, I cannot find it. At least I have a little over seven months before I'll need it.

Allergies! I'm sure everyone else is fighting their own battles with the Killer Pollen. If only the outdoors didn't smell so wonderful, though! Orange blossoms and little snap-dragony-looking things and pretty roses (there's going to be a veritable explosion of roses on the pink bush, I think they're called Carnival, if I remember correctly)... it's a wonderful, horrible time of year. I didn't used to get allergies this time of year, I'd get them in the winter, to the pollution inversion layer. Of course, that never goes away these days, not when the spring comes, because the snowbirds never leave, like they used to do.

I liked the conclusion of Jericho, but I'm sorry they had to rush it so much. I feel a little let down. *sigh* Ah, well. At least new episodes of other shows are coming back.
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