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Happy Easter and all that Springtime Stuff

And it's a beautiful day. I was reading that this is the earliest Easter can ever fall (at least in the Western calender, where Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which was Thursday, and the full moon was Friday, so) - the last time it was this early was 1913, and it won't fall on March 23 again until 2228. Wow. Apparently the earliest possible date for Easter is March 22, but that won't happen until 2160, and the last time THAT happened was 1818. (Trivia read from Clay Thompson's helpful "Valley 101" column.) To quote, "This all has to do with the moon and tradition and the old Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar and the Council of Nicaea and some other stuff." For the Orthodox, Easter won't come until April 27.

It is a beautiful day outside. March in Arizona means fruit and flowers on the same tree:

I was taking pictures of many things, so

Silhouette out taking in the lovely spring day:

Some shots of the garden:

And by popular demand, our resin cats:

And other decor:

My bottles in their new home:

And now, in emulation of mustangsally, we tried to put a cat in a hat:

But he didn't like it much, and was much happier without...

It definitely takes a special touch to get a cat to wear a hat. We bow to mustangsally!!

I was unable to do this entry on my laptop because something wouldn't let me insert images. So I came in to the desktop and found that when I enter journal entries here, I ALSO don't get that annoying "your clock doesn't match ours" note. I wonder what's up with the laptop?

Anyway, happy day, all!
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