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Okay, why does LiveJournal not know what time it is in my zone?

Today coming home I got stuck in the fast lane behind a woman in a huge truck driving 45 MPH and talking on her cell phone. Grrrrr. Once I got past her I ended up driving a lot faster than I would have normally.

Remind me, why is it we have cats again?

I still love Eli Stone. The 3/6 episode is making me all weepy (I'm a little behind on my Tivo). I guess it's like Arrested Development, I'm all alone in my adoration of this show. (Of course, it ends with a "the preceding was fictional" disclaimer, which was weird...)

I managed to get some stuff burned to DVD, but I can't play it on my laptop until I get the drivers fixed on it. I'm lazy and I procrastinate, and thus never get anything really done.
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