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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, so hope everyone had a good one!

Today I've been trying to listen to the news of the world (or the nation, really) without screaming in desperate frustration or just shaking my head and thinking, "This whole country is going to hell in a handbasket and I know exactly who's carrying us."

Everyone, everyone, do me a great favor and buy this album. Okay, I know, not all of you like country music. But Dave is GREAT country music, not that crap the radio calls country; besides, you'd be supporting Independent Musicians, which is always a good thing. And he's a friend of mine and I feel compelled to plug his records, especially this one, which really is his best to date (read my review here).

This weekend we went to Ross and while I did buy a few clothing items, what we mostly bought was some home decor stuff, a little three-shelf corner thing for the end of the entertainment center, some fancy porcelain vases, and of course I had to get some resin cats. Very nice. We has decor! I did take some pictures of my bottles, but I haven't downloaded them off the camera yet. We need a new battery for the camera, because now if you leave it off the dock for any amount of time, it dies fairly rapidly. Which reminds me, I have to check hard drives for some other pictures I think I downloaded...

As usual, I don't remember all the other stuff I wanted to talk about. But I will reiterate, what in the world did I ever do before Tivo? (Which my Mom had never heard of. Seriously, I knew she was a little media uninformed, but honestly.)
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