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I need a Vegas icon, obviously

Wheee, free internet at McCarran Airport, and it's a STRONG connection! Take that, Luxor!

Because apparently this weird thing called "Daylight Savings Time" happened last night, I am not going to lose the hour I gained when I came here. Weird rest of the country. [/cranky sleep deprived Arizonan]

No big wins, but had a good time. Probably spent more money than I should have, but what the heck. I could spend a great deal more at the M&Ms World store alone, but I bypassed a number of things I wanted desperately because I was trying hard to be good (and I don't have that much money anyway, at least until my darned tax refund shows up... at least I'm getting one!).

It's after 8 already, although it does feel earlier, DST notwithstanding, and I should oughta head over to the gate here shortly (my flight leaves, knock wood, at 9:05).

Important things to note about the South End of the Strip: They all serve Pepsi. Bleah. (No offense to the Pepsi drinkers, but I will walk around the Food Court twice to find the place that serves Coke, no matter what I might want to eat.) The demographic skews about twenty-six (I have reached an age where I'm too old for that crowd but not old enough to be as interested in it as Mom has become) - we walked across to MGM and sat down, and the first thing I noticed was they were playing Tom Petty's "Running Down A Dream." Ah, my demographic. Upcoming acts to Las Vegas: Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Rush. My demographic, indeed. Of course, it's the twenty-something crowd that's now attracted to the retro-chic of the Wayne Newtons...
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