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Riding on an Inclinator

Is not as exciting as one might expect. Once you get used to the "ooo, it goes sideways," it's not any different than any other elevator (I thought it at least had glass walls so you could see out or something).

On the other hand, the Pyramid is kinda cool, if somewhat early 90's primitive - this internet connection, for example, is wireless, but I can't get it at night (which is why I didn't post this last night) and the signal strength is always "very low." There's no hookup at all for a wired connection, and the table I'm sitting at is the bathroom vanity 'cause there's no desk. There is a "business center" downstairs, but who wants to truck down there to make LJ posts?

Very busy yesterday. The main reason Mom wanted to come out here this month is because of the new show at Caesars - Bette Midler has taken over Celine Dion's position at the Colosseum and Mom LOVES Bette. She paid an OH-MY-GOD amount for tickets on the floor and, to be honest, Bette does an AWESOME show. In a few months Cher will be joining her (I think they're going to be alternating shows), and as I sat there waiting for the show to start, I thought to myself, "Wow, Bette Midler, Cher, and Elton John. Can Caesars BE any gayer?" and lo & behold, Bette herself did the same joke early in the show, even projecting a picture of the three of them taken back in the 70's, all in full Elton regalia. She'd called out to the audience, "where are my people, the Jews?" and got applause, then "and the Christians? They love me!" and got more applause, then "and where are the gays?" and the room positively exploded. I thought I'd seen more than a few gay couples strolling around here yesterday.

In short, it was a gloriously good show, and she does her level best to give folks their money's worth. I certainly couldn't have afforded it, but I sure enjoyed it.

Also got taken to see the "Big Elvis" show at one of the little casinos on the Strip, what used to be Barbary Coast (and is now "Bill's Casino"). I'm of two minds about this guy. On the one hand, he does a pretty credible job of singing the part, and he kinda looked it, too... except the man weighs about 400 pounds. Now, I know all the Fat Elvis jokes - but as Mom asked, since the backdrop show being projected on the screen was "Aloha From Hawaii" (see icon), "When was he in Hawaii?" to which I replied, "'73, '74." "But he was so skinny! I thought he was fat by then." Wrong. It was only the last year or so of his life when he got so heavy and all the jokes started; plus, Elvis really never got that fat - certainly not by today's standards of heavy. And he was very sick. Astounding that it still bothers me this much after all this time... but as impersonators go, not too bad.

Now I am VERY sore after trooping all over Vegas yesterday. I really need to consider the shoes I wear when I come here, the trouble is, my foot is still sore enough that my good gym shoes (which I never broke in before the surgery) are still a bit rough on them and I can only wear them for a short time (say, the amount of time for a workout). Fortunately, we have a massage in a few hours, and then I will sit in the hot tub/steam room for a while.

Of course, then I expect Mom to be fully refreshed and ready to start again.

I only have this weak connection for one day (they still charge for it), so I probably won't be back until I get home Sunday, unless I hit a hot spot at the airport (I didn't try at the Phoenix airport). And speaking of the Phoenix airport, I finally had one of those problems that everyone talks about - my flight was supposed to take off at 7:00 (and, due to the time difference, also land at 7:00), but our plane was late getting in from wherever it had been, so we didn't actually board until about 7:10, and then, about 7:30 or so, after everyone was finally on board and ready to go and our drink orders taken, they said there was a problem with one of the windows in the cockpit and there would be a twenty minute delay. I should have gotten my phone out and called Mom to let her know, but it was up in the overhead compartment, which were all closed, and buckled in, so I just dealt with it. We didn't land in Vegas until after 8:00, and Mom couldn't hear her phone ringing anyway, so while I called several times after I landed, I was actually standing in the Luxor before we found each other (oddly, I didn't hear my phone, either, although I have a loud ringtone and had it on my belt so I could get to it easily; I opened it to make another call and there was a voice message).

But there it is.
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