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Today was the world's longest day. It was brightened only by the fact that the fellow I'm training, who sits across from me, exclaimed, "Oodalaly!" at one point during the day, and later got me stuck humming, "He left River City the library building but he left all the books to her!" A showtunes geek is almost as good as a SF geek, I says.

This cat seems to think I exist only to feed him (apparently I do).

I was going to squeeze grapefruit juice and do my nails this evening; I ended up writing a review for Dave Insley's newest album, West Texas Wine (release date March 11, buy it, enjoy it, it's his very best yet) and making a frozen pizza into a real pizza for dinner, and now I'm dicking around watching My Fair Lady on TMC and drinking wine (I haven't had a drink in a while, and it's going straight to my head), I haven't squeezed a single grapefruit, nor have I touched my fingernails.

I also haven't watched anything I've collected on Tivo, other than the February 29 episode of Ellen - where she actually remembered she's sort of like the Spokeswoman for Lesbians and spoke out against gay hatred, which was lovely and made the audience there give her a standing ovation (apparently, and I hadn't heard this, which speaks of the conditions of National Television News, an openly gay 8th-grade boy named Larry was murdered by another 8th-grade boy he wanted "for his valentine" - Ellen spoke clearly and succinctly about how none of us should be a second-class citizen, and no boy should ever think it's so horrible to be gay that he is compelled to murder a classmate).

And now there is Torchwood to watch. That is of the good.
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