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Random things I think about that probably no one else is interested in

Dear author of Doctor Who novels: If you set it in America, you might want to run it past some American readers before releasing it. A 12-year-old boy in America does not call it a "torch," it's a flashlight. Dad does not hand him a "ten-dollar note," it's ten-dollar bill. And 12-year-old boys would not think they had gone "no more than twenty metres," it's twenty yards.

And here I go to all the trouble of trying to make sure my British characters think in Brit-speak...

I am hovering at about a nine-pound loss so far, knock wood; I have been keeping track of my calories, but I've been consuming a few too many of them (we went to Chompie's on Friday and there found some of my very favorite cookies in the world, the kind that can only be found at real bakeries, buttery-soft white-as-snow with little chocolate chips). Still, doing okay, if not very well.

Today the stitches came out and I have been discharged as completely healed.

I liked playing the music meme. I may do it again to waste time and bandwidth. Still too lazy to do the movie meme.

After getting the good news that we're both going to be getting tax refunds, we went out and spent a lot of money this weekend, only a few real frivolities, such as a 500-gig external drive to store my music library on (provided I can figure out how to move it there without having iTunes go mad); then just some things. Also paid some bills, which was good. This was my bonus check, which also means my raise went into effect. Yay!

nutmeg3 tagged me for yet another meme, but I've been too lazy to follow through. I will, though. I promise.

Craig Ferguson is deeply addicting.

I wish I could do LJ at work like everyone else does, because then I wouldn't forget all the astoundingly important things I think about all day.

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