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Hanging out on Caturday night


Watching Craig Ferguson on the ol' Tivo, trying to catch up on this week - don't know how I fell so far behind. Watched three Ellens this afternoon, have three Craigs, plus Jericho, Bones, four episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles... and all my Netflix I'm behind on, too. Geez.

And now to meme:

Post a comment and I'll give you a letter, and then you have to list ten things you like that start with that letter. nutmeg3 gave me the letter D. D? Let's see what I can do with D...

Like Nutty, these are not in any particular order, but more or less how I thought of them.

Doctor Who. I'm both an old-school fan and a brand-new fan. I never watched it before college, and got into it because my friends liked it. I never really sought it out myself until the new show came back on the air - and suddenly I was hooked not only on the new show, but the classic Who, as well, and filled myself in on the full 44 years (it premiered the same night I was conceived - and I know this because the first Doctor Who broadcast on the night JFK was shot. And if you want the rest of that story, you can but ask).

Dwight Yoakam. He's a brilliant musician, phenomenal songwriter, passable actor and decent writer; he both intrigues and infuriates me sometimes. Brilliant man.

Dave Insley. Dave is one of the finest country singers recording today; unfortunately, not enough people know him or listen to him. Not only that, he's a funny, fun guy with a great sense of humor, a sharp mind, and I'm proud to call him my friend. I selfishly wish he hadn't relocated to Austin - while that's been tremendous for his career, it means I don't get to see him twice and three times a month anymore (he hasn't done a show in Phoenix since September, and I haven't seen him since July!). I miss him.

Dale Watson. While I'm on the topic of great country singers, here's another. Dale at least has has SOME exposure, with a recent video that actually got some play on GAC (Hollywood Hillbilly) - and once upon a time, when CMT played, you know, country music, Dale's Good Luck, Good Truckin' Tonight got play on "Stone Country" (wow, there's a show I miss).

Dancing. Not that I'm a great dancer myself, but I enjoy watching it and I enjoy dancing myself.

Danish. Who doesn't like a good danish? (And thanks to Craig Ferguson, I think now of Kierkegaard and danish bacon when I say this.)

Disney. Mostly the animated movies; I had almost all of them on VHS before the format changed, and I've been having trouble getting them all on DVD, and now... who knows? Blu-ray, or just deal with what I have? I also love Disneyland and Disneyworld, and will go any time we can afford it. I could hang out in the park all day, all night, and the next day if I could (and have done, actually).

Dragons. My Chinese Zodiac sign.

Dead Like Me. A show I never got to see while it was airing, but fell in love with on SciFi, enough so that I bought it. (Okay, I know, there's a lot of shows I've bought, but this one starts with D.)

Dogma. My favorite Kevin Smith production. I was raised Catholic, but never confirmed; still, this movie never fails to amuse, even with the vulgarity and silliness, I like the straightforward truth that, dogma aside, God has a sense of humor, and Jesus liked to laugh.

God, I lead an exciting life.

Friday I went under the knife again; this time they pulled the screws they'd put in six months ago. I have a couple of stitches and a band-aid; it's not too bad. Operations are pretty easy these days. They laid me down on the bed and boom, I was waking up.

I started to work on the pieces of the second novel that I chopped out of the first one - expanding it and making it into its own story - and found a section I was CERTAIN I had written down. I eventually found the scenes hiding on my old laptop, making me glad I hadn't already gotten rid of it. Whew!

I have finished, again, the first novel. If anyone would like to read it for me (or for yourselves, I HOPE it's entertaining - I can't tell anymore), just drop me an email.

Oh, hooray for mustangsally's LOLCats. What would we do without them?

Once again, my favorite LOLCat:

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