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Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

On the one hand, JERICHO! So awesome it got to come back, 'cause we'd left off on a killer cliffhanger. Sad that in addition to Johnston (Gerald McRaney) being gone, so, too, apparently is Gail (Pamela Reed). Now Johnston was killed at the end of last season, but why would Gail be gone, too? She should be there supporting/chastising her sons. (Unless they simply couldn't get the actress back after the cancellation fiasco. I saw she was on the first episode of Eli Stone playing HIS mother.)

On the second hand, Torchwood! My God, when did this show get so good? It stands as a perfect monument to "let the show find its feet!" The first season was okay, full of "meh" episodes, while this season has been, flat out, AWESOME. Knock wood. No spoilers, but the end of last night's second episode... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

On the third hand... Why, why, why won't my cats let me sleep in the mornings?

At least they seem to be content with their food this morning and aren't here begging for more, please.

We have 5:30 reservations at Barb's favorite sushi place this evening.

Oh, and while I'm talking about television, if you've never seen Craig Ferguson's talk show (because, well, it's on in the freakin' middle of the night), then Tivo it or something. His monologues alone are worth it. We laugh so hard sometimes I have to back up to listen again because we miss stuff. I need that DVD-R now so I can save some of them (before I fill up my Tivo with saved eps).
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