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Superbowl is Blimp Season

Hosting the Superbowl means the valley skies are full of blimps. I saw the real Good Year blimp floating over our neighborhood this afternoon. It's almost like being in the Dr. Who alternate reality where Rose got left. Honestly. (No, I'm kidding.) No, honestly! (It was really freakin' easy to get hooked on Craig Ferguson. The only reason I hadn't before was lack of Tivo and a need to be asleep at that time of the night.)

Oh, I love my Tivo.

While I'm here...

THANK YOU, miertam!!!

He knows what for. I'm using it right now.

This has been a really good day, and most of it has been totally home-bound domestic. Got most of the laundry done, finished a review for Teddy Thompson's Upfront & Down Low, which, if you like good country music, is a disc you should buy. Then we played for a while with the new toys, and I made crispy coconut for tonight's rice pudding (a recipe sillymagpie found somewhere), and then we got the urge to see if there was a good little curio at the used furniture store we love up in north Phoenix - there was, we bought it, and now it's in the front foyer waiting to be filled with my bottle collection, which will get it out of the bedroom and free up a lot of room for Barb's desk.

Now I'm relaxing and a chicken is roasting. I need to start the rice pudding. Yum.
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