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Thinkin' about Ice Cream

Today talked to the Trainer and found he agrees, I need to lose about 30 pounds (going by my body fat ratio, measured with the nasty pinching device). Then he took me through a fairly tough series of circuit exercises and recommended a lot of changing up my routine, which makes a certain amount of sense - I maintain because my body's used to my same ol' workout.

He's willing to give me a break on actual paid sessions, but we'll have to see what the tax season brings (not to mention those car repairs). It likely won't happen soon.

Heath Ledger. What a freakin' shame. He was such a GOOD actor - quite apart from the story, every time I thought about Brokeback Mountain it was because of the intensity of the character of Ennis. And I just plain enjoyed A Knight's Tale for silly fun. He could do both ends of the spectrum pretty damned well. Ah, what does pass through someone's mind? Who knows? It's a shame, anyway.

I was lauded a genius who should go for her Master's at work because I used the word "Pagination" in a sentence. It drew blank stares from the woman I was training, and she had to ask me what it meant. *headdesk* I did say I really needed to at least finish my Bachelor's, first.

I tried to open my iPod to replace the battery with the little iJuice kit I bought, but it's not easy (thanks, Apple) and I worry about breaking my poor ol' Iggy. So I'll put this off until absolutely necessary (he holds a charge for about six hours still), or until I can afford a new one if I break this one.

I forgot about Terminator last night. Oops. Gotta get used to having that on Monday nights. I just went to bed early, instead.
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