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Here it is Monday

Happy MLK day to all. Good message.

On the news I saw the protests down south, with the white supremacists saying "there's a black day, we need a white day for James Earl Ray." I want to know what's so superior about whites. Dr. King was smarter than me, apparently much more compassionate and caring, and a great orator, besides. I know, I know... no arguing with the stupid. I just wonder about things sometimes.

I have an appointment with a personal trainer tomorrow. He's going to do my body fat ratio and hopefully give me some tips for slimming down where I want to slim down (as one may guess, I'm not off to the best start on "those last 30 pounds").

Gakked from nutmeg3 ()

I think I did one of these before, but there've been updates, of course. There was no picture for the TV show "Chuck," which I found appalling. I flipped through all available pics for the word, and got lots of pictures of Chuck Norris, but no CHUCK. Ah, well.

I realize we are total, total wimps, thinking it's "cold" here when half the country is buried in snow. Well, you'll all be sending people down here for the Super Bowl next week, and they'll see what Phoenix weather is like in the first week of February, and, like the last time we hosted the Super Bowl, the city population will more than treble in a couple of years.

Things I need to get, and hopefully will have enough from a Third Paycheck + Bonus Cash at the end of February/top of March:

Brake job
New tires.

Yes, she's an old truck, but on the whole, is doing pretty well, considering the bad alignment, bald tires, and squealing brakes.

I either suffered a hot flash last night or the heater didn't turn off.

The opening of Torchwood Season 2 was lovely cheese. Putting two actors who have chemistry with lawn furniture together in the same scene is pretty oil-on-fire. Not just hot in the "my, they're kissing" area, but OH MY GOD, THESE TWO ARE AMAZING TOGETHER in a plain ol' acting sense. I enjoyed it, anyway. As for getting to see it early (and this time, only by a week), until my cable company fixes whatever's wrong and gets me back BBCA, it's the only way I'll get a chance to see it at all until the DVDs are released. (They've tried rebooting my system, putting in new cables, a new box, I hooked up Tivo... I got back MOST of my digital channels, but not BBCA or a couple others, like Boomerang and a few I never watched much, anyway. And so far? No offers to credit me for the time lost...)
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