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What to do with a cat going through his second kittenhood?

Silhouette is reverting to his kittenhood. Of late, he has started doing things he hasn't done in years, like jumping on the table during dinner and trying to steal food off plates. Most notably, he's once again decided that the Best Fun In The World is to put both front paws in the water dish and fling water everywhere. Last night I filled up the nifty cat-watering station (the kind with the little pump and filter and everything), which holds about eight cups of water or so, bowl and reservoir, and I came home to find the pump gasping for lack of water and the floor soaked.

Silhouette merely looks at me with his gigantic lantern eyes and asks for more gooshy food, please.

Somehow Moonlight has worked its insidious vampire spell on me. While watching tonight Mick officially became Sean Patrick's Favorite TV Vampire, taking over Angel's previous spot. I kind of knew Sean Patrick got into that whole "vampires can be really freaky mean when they want to be" thing, but he was just cheering in the back of my head with this episode. Ah, so it goes. At least it won the People's Choice Award -- and finding out that O'Loughlin is actually Australian explains why he delivers lines in such an odd, monotone-ish voice. Too bad they couldn't have let him BE an Australian vampire. That could have been really cool.

I joined the 50-Million-Pound Challenge, which is being sponsored through my work. I am hoping this will motivate me, knowing there are prizes and I'm competing with other people. I even bought a new scale, since I was pretty sure my 20+ year-old one really wasn't giving me an accurate reading. Unfortunately for me, the inaccuracy appears to have been LOWER, so now my official "starting weight" is somewhat less than I actually AM, so I have to work hard just to get to my "starting weight." Eeeg.

I haven't touched my writing in weeks. Instead, I crochet.

This is me in my new kitchen:

And this is our new dining room table:

And this is how I have to work with Silhouette on my mouse pad:

I think I'm tired. It took me a while to get over the cold; today was really the first day I felt "normal," but I think it's wearing on me. I will go to bed, and see what the weekend brings, creativity-wise.
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