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Very soon now...

I can return to the lazy slacker I normally am. Or something like that. At least keep up with LJ. There's lots of interesting things going on in the world and I haven't read the NY Times or done much more than skim my Flist since it all began, but soon, NaNo with be No Mo.

Words: 45,226. Two days to go.

I've been carrying the laptop out to the living room and just writing like a fiend in front of the big TV for three days so I wouldn't be distracted by the newspaper and friends postings (no memes, no lists, oh, I'm missing out!!!). I discovered last night that the word counter at the NaNo site gave me 24 more words than WordPerfect.

Last night I heard, clear as day, people talking in my living room. I'm assuming this was a dream, since the house is securely locked up and all is well with the world tonight. I think it comes from a sincere concern that the new front door is all exposed to the world but still faces the apartment/condos across the street and we don't have a security door. Now, admittedly, this neighborhood is a WHOLE lot safer than it was a decade ago, but still...

I did read that Billie Piper has signed to do three episodes of Dr. Who next year as Rose. This bothers me. I hate when they write something final, ending, and poignant and then throw it all away because they want to bring back a popular character. I hope it's explained by a time loop or something else, because if she "comes back" after that whole "we can never, ever meet again" goodbye, it's gonna suck.

I'm sure everyone who might receive this would already know it's a scam, but it's always good to pass along the information:

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Mrs Jean Tessier

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