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How in God's name can it be the end of Wednesday already?

I just realized I haven't even read LJ since Saturday; I'm not sure where the intervening time has gone. I have a review due on Friday and I left the freakin' disc at work (ARGH); the house is finished but very little is put in its place. I took today off in the hopes that I might could write something, but managed only a few words here and there between cable guy and contractors finishing stuff and going out to lunch and then painting the remainder of the living room and...

Words: ONLY 29,877. I wanted to at least break 30,000 today; I did manage 25,000 by the 15th, but suddenly, it's the freakin' 21st!

But... the house is almost done. Almost. We still have a lot of junk in boxes and there's still some painting to finish, furniture to put in place, and the sofa to bring over from Mom's house.

The turkey rests in the brine and most things are right with the world, although Thanksgiving will just be me and Barb and our turkey (and some pushy cats who think they can has turkey, too), with some nice sweet potatoes and peas. And pie. I boiled down two sugar pumpkins late last week, so it will probably be pumpkin pie, although fenchurche's eggnog pie looks tasty, too.

Saw "Time Crash" on YouTube. Yay.
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