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Trepidatious... but excited

About the film version of Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I don't know if Johnny Depp can sing; I think he'll play the part magnificently. I feel the same about Helena Bonham-Carter. And Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin? (I don't know if he can sing, either, but Judge Turpin is a baritone, at least.)

Now I need to listen to the score again.

NaNo update:

16347 words.

Not too bad, considering I didn't do hardly a single thing this weekend on it - I spent most of the day playing with my new oven and rearranging my still-not-finished living room so we have a little more space. Maybe sometime this week we may be able to move furniture into the new rooms!

So far, we've baked little sweet potatoes (organic ones, from Trader Joe's - they're SOOOO good!!!), cooked a steak, some leftover pork loin, and frozen chicken nuggets. I can't really bake anything until I unpack the cookbooks and I have recipes to bake from! The oven has a "speed bake" cycle which is supposed to make for light, crusty breads. I have to try this. It's the Oven of the Future, and I need to keep the manual handy for simple things, like "how do you re-set the timer?"

Fun stuff!
Tags: nanowrimo, remodel
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