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Various accomplishments

Yesterday I washed the truck and was pleased with the results. Now maybe it will rain. (The time-honored rain dance of the southwest.) I even dragged the floormats out and scrubbed them. During my going in and out of the backyard, the dog escaped and was running around in the front yard, because he has discovered that when he escapes to the front yard, he can often get in the front door and therefore into the house! However, I had the deadbolt locked on the front door, so I went to drag him back to the backyard. He didn't want to be dragged (and believe me, when this dog doesn't want to move, you MUST drag him), and when I yanked on his choke-chain, he went and snapped at me. First time EVER. My hand hurts now, and I'm not sure whether to blame the dog or me for pulling on the choke-chain too hard. Still, if he would obey kindly commands like "come here" and "heel," I wouldn't have to give the choke-chain a yank. In any case, my hand hurts.

I feel generally crummy today anyway, but I did manage to add a long flashback scene to the vampire tale and did a couple of re-writes based on some of the comments from rahirah and sillymagpie. Although both of them are tough critics when it comes to critiques on what is basically a romance novel. :) I do want to continue through to the end before going back to fix too much of what's wrong, though.

Otherwise, today was pretty much a do-nothing day. Why is it that Sundays go by so quickly?
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