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Good Day of the Dead

And other autumnal holidays. Actually, Dio de los Muertes is tomorrow, but I'm getting a jump start; I wore my happy skull shirt and jewelry today.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. We went over to visit with tiirz and edgedancer, since there's construction equipment and boards and nails and such all over our front walk - we figured a little dangerous for tots. However, we left here at 6 p.m. and there wasn't a kid in sight anywhere as far as we could see. I don't know if anyone even tried to come to our door.

In any case, it was a fun day. We dressed as zombie doctors and entered the costume contest at the office - don't know if we won anything yet, though. In some of the recent contests (United Way, the start of football season, other office-type shenanigans), I won a cooler filled with snacks and tickets to an ASU game at Bingo, and our decorated pumpkin won first place. My unit is just brimming with office spirit. Truly, high school never ends.

NaNo: I got started this morning, but how does anyone do this stuff with a full-time job? Only 1,062 words, and almost 49,000 to go.

I can do it.

Oh! And there's an opening in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, and I've been accepted. I have six days to get my submission ready. It pretty much is already, so I'm going to submit that over the weekend. I haven't heard from the last agent I sent it to - if I win (knock wood), and the agency accepts, wouldn't that be something? I could present a new agent with a book that's gotten a contract from Penguin Books!

Whoo. I have to get my act in gear.
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