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Wow, this was a fast week

Here I thought no one was talking to me, but apparently LJ isn't sending email alerts to tell you someone's made a comment to your journal (so I responded to everyone in a big lump). Of course, I haven't sat down to read LJ since Tuesday - I don't know what happened on Wednesday, but Thursday they were grinding the floor level and the noise and dust chased us out of the house for dinner - missed Ugly Betty, so need to download, 'cause it looks like Things Happened. Nighttime soap operas? You betcha.

I got paid today AND got out my Christmas Club account. I have... $0 at hand. This is the yearly cost of being a Homeowner, since where it all went was to Property Taxes (boo) and Homeowners Insurance (boo, but necessary, I suspect). I am broke, but all bills are paid and the new mortgage is paid and I shall hobble along until November, when I'll have a little spending money again. The good news is the contractor said it could all be done in as little as ten days! I actually doubt this, because things got held up with week with cashflow and miscommunication between various groups within the contractor's stable, but it could be done in a little over two weeks.

For those who want pictures, start bugging rahirah. She has the camera software now, and I doubt this little computer could handle it (not to mention the photos themselves - this laptop was not meant for graphics!). I won't be able to re-load the software until I can get the new computer set up.

The worst thing about remodeling, besides the boxes? DUST. Every day I feel like my hands and feet have been dragged through sand.

Four good workouts this week. I'm on the ball, for a change. Doing well calorie-wise, too, although today was the "tailgate party" at work, so I had a BBQ sandwich and a brownie. I didn't have dessert at home. I invented an Indian jambalaya:

one chicken thigh
two quarts water
a couple handfuls of jasmine rice
boil well, until chicken cooked and rice almost done
tear meat off thigh, put back in with rice and broth
a couple pinches of kosher salt
about two teaspoons of black pepper
a tablespoon or so of red curry powder
about a teaspoon of cumin
a couple of good sprinkles of chili powder
about a tablespoon onion powder
chop one large carrot, add to broth
one-half onion, chopped, cook until carrot is starting to get tender
sliced chicken sausage (Aidells brand, with artichokes and garlic)
mix up well, cook about a half-hour
add a handful or so of frozen corn; cook until heated through

Eat. It was good (I say "about" for spices, because I don't have my measuring spoons out and I tend to measure by "palm full" for most things).

Today one of the guys I'm supposed to be training went to our boss with a list of complaints. I like my boss, he dressed the guy down and gave us all a chance to defend ourselves - in this case, I had corrected something this guy had done and I was wrong. I 'fessed up and fixed my error, but still gave him the credit - so the complaint was? On Wednesday I asked him what weaknesses he had and where he felt he needed more training, and he assured me "nothing, no where, I'm fine." Everyone heard him. Now... he claims he doesn't know how to prep mail. Oy. I guess 30 years at the Company and he thinks he's got this buffer - new rules, new time. I'm just afraid his lack of ability will reflect on me once his training is complete. (Yes, I said 30 years. And I'm training him. Yes.)

Despite being a Bush-zombie-believes-everything-he-hears-on-TV sort, I rather like my boss anyway. He DOES see what goes on and knows the score. Not one's typical pointy-hair.

I finished my two reviews; BJ Thomas's first studio disc in ten years and Dwight Yoakam's new tribute to Buck Owens, Dwight Sings Buck. Some good stuff, really.

Only five days until NaNo starts. Yeek.



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Oct. 27th, 2007 02:12 pm (UTC)
I missed Ugly Betty too -- doesn't ABC.com have episodes streaming? Will check.

[hugs] Happy weekend!
Oct. 27th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
I believe they do - the last time we tried, though, it buffered ALL THE TIME and was very hard to watch, so we ended up searching up a bittorrent instead; have to see if I can find one or the other, though!

Happy weekend to you, too!
Oct. 27th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, you definitely must watch Ugly Betty. It was a Very Good Episode. (Although I've seen a lot of negative comment about it, which makes me wonder about some of the people who watch/comment on this show - don't they enjoy being happy? Sheesh.)

And your "Indian Jambalaya" sounds delish. Goes well with my theory that a dash of cumin is good in 'most anything lots of things. Er, savory things. Ever try adding it to red beans? I swear, it's the Sekrit Ingredient that New Orleans chefs don't ever mention!
Oct. 28th, 2007 07:02 am (UTC)
Yes, I definitely saw some happiness there - which I had JUST said had better happen soon! There appeared to be a little angst, as well, so everyone should be happy (er, so to speak).

Cumin good. Definitely, definitely good.

(Deleted comment)
Oct. 28th, 2007 07:05 am (UTC)
No hitting! Sorry about the lack of meat! :'( I've tried vegetarian dishes. Both rahirah and I tend to eat them and go, "This is good. It would be better with some meat." So far our health allows this lifestyle (knock wood).

I always find it interesting that whenever you take normally sane, stable people and put them in an office environment, "Dilbert" is the final result...

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