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Pirating help needed

My old computer CAN and does boot and stay on. But it won't let me get anywhere unless I activate this copy of WindowsXP. The code that came with it says it has been activated too many times.


If I can only get into my old computer, I can deactivate everything properly so when I put up the NEW computer, all my stuff can come along easily. I want especially to get to both my old Eudora mailboxes on the desktop (not only had I just downloaded email at the last crash, like many procrastinators I have a lot of saved mail with important information, like passwords and the like), as well as iTunes. I haven't changed the music on my iPod in over a month, and I have two reviews due soon.

The best thing about working on the laptop is I finally docked it properly and have it hooked up to my big monitor. However, I want it back as a laptop simply because once November starts, I have to have the ability to carry it with me for writing purposes.

In other news, the house is nearly finished - as in, the room looks like a room, interior doors are hung, and the cabinets are in boxes ready to be installed. Woot! I miss my kitchen! Not to mention I'm itching to clean up all the construction dust. (And "itching" is the correct term - it makes my sensitive skin itch.)

There are mosquitoes coming from somewhere. I have several bites. I hope none of them are carrying West Nile Virus (I watch way too much news).

All else is about the same. Cats are tracking construction dust everywhere.
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