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Once there was a weekend

And now it's already over.

My goodness, how the time does fly. I spent most of the weekend doing the good and sitting in the recliner watching TV, but we did get out to CostCo, where I probably overdid it some, but I feel pretty good today. The doctor did not respond to the pharmacy about meds, but I seem to be doing okay (knock wood) for now; I'll ask again on Tuesday when I get the stitches out, should I still be in need.

We watched The Fountain, which was nothing AT ALL like I expected. It was a good movie, with extraordinary cinematography and some good acting, but it wasn't the time-traveling fantasy I was expecting, but rather a fairly deep essay on dealing with the realities of death. I did like it.

I keep finding new things I need to re-install since the upgrade to Windows moved my system disc back to C. *sigh* What a pain.

It's still pretty hot in Phoenix, but we've gotten past the bad and now the nights are finally cooling down again, so yay! On the other hand, since I have limited mobility, I can't dig around easily and find my pajama pants, which I would like for cooler nights. I THINK they're packed in one of the winter clothing space-saver bags, but it would take some work to open all of them and then re-vacuum 'em. Maybe next weekend, depending on how I feel. We also wanted to pull out the Halloween stuff and get rid of the old crappy stuff, since we bought some new nifty decorations to replace 'em. Haven't done that, either.

While I have been maligned publicly about my inability to part with my much-loved crap, I still want to try to do another purge. I did get rid of several boxes of crap a few months ago, although since we expanded almost instantly to fill the space, it was hardly noticeable. But when they close off my kitchen and I will HAVE to pack up a lot of crap to move it out of the way of the construction, it'll be somewhat easier to not unpack stuff I don't really want.

It does mean I won't have a kitchen at all for a couple of months. Not that I've been cooking a lot lately, but STILL... no cooking at ALL?


I mean, I expected they'd have to close off the construction area and all, but it didn't really sink in what that MEANT until this weekend...

The main dust-collectors I really don't want to get rid of are my bottles (which I've been collecting since I was about ten or so), my die-cast cars, and my kitty cats, which vary from fancy glass to silly plastic Maneki Nekos. I also have a couple of "action figures" (read: McFarlane's fancy sculptures) I don't want to part with. If only we could have afforded to do ALL the stuff we wanted to expand the house...

What I'd really love is another china hutch strictly for my bottle collection.

And if I can finish ripping all my CDs, I can put them into storage. The tough thing is the records - they take up a LOT of space, but they just can't be stored in the outside shed - not in Arizona, anyway. I'm torn about just getting rid of them, because, you know, RECORDS.

Good quote I saw:

Russell Crowe, who wears the black hat in “3:10 to Yuma,” is a native of New Zealand. Christian Bale, the good guy, was born in Wales. Lou Dobbs and other commentators who have lately been sounding the alarm about outsourcing, immigration and the globalization of the labor market may want to take note. The hero and the villain in a cowboy movie: are we going to stand by and let foreigners steal these jobs? Are no Americans willing to do them?

Newest review: Moot Davis has finally released his second album, "Already Moved On," and if you're a honky-tonk fan, you need to check Moot out. If it spurs any interest, his producer and lead guitarist is Pete Anderson.

I have been writing, a reasonable thing; I think I actually have a way to make the "second novel" stand on its own. It initially was all the stuff I had to cut out of Ring of Fire to make that a manageable length - Matt & Cody's story. But I wanted to make it stand on its own and not depend so heavily on Ring of Fire for its mainframe and climax.

No work on the novella. At least, I think it's a novella. Doesn't seem to be anything else.

And no word yet from the agent, so I'm back to "no news is good news." Hopefully it means they're reading it (at least past the synopsis).


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Sep. 10th, 2007 08:13 pm (UTC)
While I have been maligned publicly about my inability to part with my much-loved crap, I still want to try to do another purge.

But she called you sweetie-punkin! Clearly no maligning intended!

I assume a certain amount of "mote in your neighbor's eye" phenomenon in these things, no matter who is involved. Our last mini-purge didn't leave as much space as either or us hoped for, and I know I could clearly, and painfully remember every single thing I had put in the Goodwill pile, but couldn't recall hardly anything Michael had put in. Except when I thought about the volumes of my pile and his, they were pretty close to equal...
Sep. 11th, 2007 03:35 am (UTC)
Sadly, not in this case. I'm the one responsible for the crap that permeates this house, because in order to feel less bad about my own collections, I've been the one to add to hers - things she wouldn't have bought on her own. Barb is not a collecty person... and I'm not sure why, since her mother is a tremendous packrat and her sister has many myriad dust collectors (although hers tend to be much higher-end due to a very wealthy husband).

Left to her own devices, about the only things Barb will buy for herself are clothes, books, comics, and computer equipment.

But, that being neither here nor there, I really do have to make some serious cuts in my collections. *g* (And try NOT to immediately fill the spaces I've emptied... although the recent influx of Maneki Nekos hasn't helped matters at all.)

Sep. 11th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
Although I often make references to the fact that I am son of a packrat, grandson of a packrat, great-grandson of many packrats, I'm not entirely sure it's a learned behavior. Particularly since there's more than a bit of evidence that there's a genetic component.

It's possible the gene just skipped Barb. Poor thing. I wonder if there's therapy for that?
Sep. 12th, 2007 12:50 am (UTC)
I do try, as I said. I keep giving her things, but unless they REALLY make her squee, inevitably they do end up in the Goodwill boxes. It's a chore. *g* I hit paydirt, though, with the Painted Ponies.

Sep. 11th, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure I can out-clutter you with one hand tied behind my back. I'm at the point where I don't even know how to get out of my own way with all this crap. *sigh*

And woot! Pete is back in evidence. :-)
Sep. 11th, 2007 03:39 am (UTC)
Your house does sound like it does me justice, from your descriptions - I think I could run you a race, though, if I had more space and more disposable income. *g*

You NEED to hear Moot Davis! Pete's presence is DEFINITELY felt, but Moot has some serious honky-tonk style all his own, and he does a fan-damn-tastic show, both in studio and live (and seeing him live of course does bring one very close to Pete Anderson and his guitar - which is like, better than sex for the music aficionado).

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