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On and off in pain. I'm probably pushing too much - I have spent the last several days sitting around and this is boring, so today we went out for a little; just going to Goodwill for about twenty minutes was too much. I did need to go, though, because I needed some more skirts/loose dresses/pants I can pull on over Das Boot. I came home and camped again in my recliner, slept a little more.

Been doing a lot of sleeping, except at night. I woke up at around 1 in the morning and took pain medication; it kept me more or less asleep until eight or so, when I hobbled out to the recliner, where I seem to be a little more comfortable for some reason. Managed the ordeal of taking a bath - it's my left foot, and we have a right-footed bathtub (that is, in order to dangle the left foot out of the bath, I have to turn my back to the fixtures).

I have my first post-op appointment on Tuesday morning, since of course they're closed on Monday. I know I had better test my driving skills before Tuesday.

I seem to have gotten everything re-installed to my satisfaction (more or less; I'm sure I'll find something else I needed), although the shortcut to WordPerfect doesn't work and it looks like WP errored out in the night at some point, since it's not up anymore and I KNOW I left it so, since I was working on two separate documents. *sigh*

The cats seem to be getting along. It's possible that the tumor in the dog's jaw is, however, cancerous. We will make further decisions about what to do once he's been to the oncologist, though.

I wrote out the largest check I've ever written in my life and given it to the contractor. They should break ground next week.

My Diamondbacks had better pull it out tonight and avoid the Padres taking the whole series.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. I'd better get to work on my Writer's Link submission. Oh, the manuscript is in another agent's hands, BTW. Fingers crossed once again.

Oh, and GIP.

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