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Nearing countdown

Every year we celebrate New Year's as a special "Christmas for friends" night wherein we have lots of food and exchange gifts. Sadly, this year some of our friends moved away and are unable to join us this year. :( I have a house full of food and presents and a much, much smaller gathering must suddenly be planned. Hopefully some stuff will freeze/keep. However, the turkey WILL go into the oven as planned and I will enjoy it, dang it all.

I've taken my usual week off this week, as I always do right before New Year's, to get ready for this party. I have the living room mostly clean and haven't made any headroads at all on my office, which remains in utter chaos. However, I HAVE reached page 100 on the vampire tale. Just keep writing, just keep writing...

My year-end top5 picks for the best of this year in music are: "Haggard Like Never Before" -- Merle Haggard; "Population Me" -- Dwight Yoakam; "My Baby Don't Tolerate" -- Lyle Lovett; "Moot Davis" -- Moot Davis; "Streets of Sin" -- Joe Ely. I had to do ten for About.com and twenty for Take Country Back. Sadly, I didn't get to hear a lot of the releases this year. Happily, one of them was also Jesse Dayton Live in Las Vegas, and that's a tiny little slice of cowpunk music heaven.

I may not have a chance to add to my journal for a while, so I wish all my friends and any other readers a Happy New Year, and may 2004 be your year. :)
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