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I Forgot to Remember to Forget

I fell down this weekend and I could tell at the time it had irritated my old rotator cuff injury - as of this morning, I KNOW it has. Ow. My arm hurts doing simple things, like putting on socks.

Do cats know instinctively that you have to go back to work the next morning? *yawn*

This is, sadly, the best of the lion pictures from MGM, of the boy lions having fun:

Ducklings at the Mirage:

Daddy dolphin, at the Secret Garden, from underwater (I like the way the flash reflects in the glass here):

Mama and Baby Dolphin, moving fast:

Pacing white tiger:

The main problem with photos from the Secret Garden is the fences, of course; but some of the white lion came out well. Here he is pacing:

Here he is roaring:

Here he is rubbing himself up against his wall, just like a cat...

Here are some leopard spots (he would not stand still!):

White tiger at the indoor habitat:

That seems to be it for this one - next entry will have the rest.
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