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Merry Christmas

I had a very bright and delightful Merry Christmas today. Woke up fairly early and baked some five-cup slice bar cookies, which are the world's easiest cookies and gooey rich goodness; rahirah finished putting ribbons and bows on all the family presents, and we exchanged one gift with each other -- she gave me some real glass garden globes to replace my icky old plastic ones, and I went out to put them in place, where they look lovely. :) I gave her Aunt Maud's Storybook, which, if you grew up in Phoenix, is probably the coolest book of "fairy tales" ever. (For those who did not, and never saw or heard of "Wallace and Ladmo" -- check here: http://www.geocities.com/hidenchef/WallaceandLadmo.html )

fenchurche, a totally online friend with a wicked funny LJ, sent us a wonderful gift, which was totally unexpected and floored me, and since I don't have her email I'll have to thank her here. :) Thank you, Fen! That's something I've been dying to have! :)

We went to the sister-in-law's house for Christmas, and it was delightful. I've gotten used to the Italian tradition of pasta and sauce for Christmas dinner; of course, that I love Italian food to begin with is dandy, but in addition, my brother-in-law is an amazing cook. Also found out today, after knowing him for six years, that he's a D&D playing geek. After all these years, he proudly trotted out his Player's Handbook, Dieties & Demigods, and box of dice to show us and discuss game strategies. Wow! And to think, I've always thought we really didn't have that much in common with him (although I should have guessed, he's a computer programmer). The niece is getting to the age where she's becoming a lot of fun, she's into pretend games now and is delightful to watch. The nephew is just a happy baby, just past one year and toddling around like crazy. I was gifted with Johnny Cash's biography, "Waylon & Willie" on CD, and lids for my Kitchenaid bowl.

I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, but it's okay, I have almost all of next week off. Yay. :) Maybe I can do a little writing. Maybe. My brain knows where the tale is going to, and I realize it's more a love story than a vampire story, but I find I really like my characters, so I'm going to do what the thing is telling me and worry about distinctions later. Maybe this time I can get something done. I mean REALLY done.

Merry Christmas to all! :)
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