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You Say It's Your Birthday

I meant to post this yesterday...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sillymagpie!!!!!

GOD, I need to work out. I feel flabby and fat. I have neither lost nor gained anything, but since I'm not exercising (at least, not seriously), I feel yucky. I realized in a slight panic that the DMV did not send me my notice of registration and my tags are due this month. Yikes. I have to hit the emissions this afternoon without fail, since I'm out of town next week. Stupid overtime.

I bought a few pairs of pants on sale through a catalog in my current size rather than my "hopeful" size in the hopes I could wear them NOW. I can't. So now I have even more clothes I can't wear yet, I can't lose any weight, and so on and so forth, to where everything just makes me feel hopeless.

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