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Back in the Saddle Again

I am unspoiled. I am happy, geekily, joyously delirious about going to Borders at midnight and getting my book, and then I shall read.

And with any luck, they will not schedule overtime on Saturday morning. Although I realized this afternoon I have an online class on Saturday morning, so I couldn't work even if I wouldn't be reading.

I have been working overtime every day this week, still not going to the gym, but eating okay and, I guess, maintaining.

I am still not used to where the "end" key is on my keyboard, and I keep hitting "ctrl-delete" rather than "ctrl-end" to get to the bottom of things.

I have two reviews due Friday, a writer's meeting tomorrow, and Potterdammerung on Friday night. I hope I can get 'em done. I was going to do more on them this evening, but other than putting together my general structure, I didn't actually get any WRITING done. Hopefully I might have a chance tomorrow before the meeting, depending on how long the contractors take (we've talked to two contractors now). I can't wait to bake in my new kitchen...

I suppose I have to get some sleep now. I never seem to have any time at home to do anything...

Good and kindly readers informed me the "story" I was working on was basically a big chunk of backstory and had no business standing on its own - these are things I occasionally need to know, because I can't see them myself. I am in their debt. But I'm also once again floundering on the rocks of writing.

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