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Why don't I stay logged in?

I don't understand why this thing logs me out. Sometimes it doesn't, and I get used to it that way, and then suddenly I go to try and do something and I'm not me anymore and I have to log in. Frustrating.

Anyway... I don't know where this week went to. I can't believe it's after 10 on Sunday already. I should be in bed already, but there it is. I'm not. This weekend:

I got paid on Friday. Whoo hoo! I promised myself I WOULD NOT spend the entire thing in one weekend. Stopped at CostCo to pick up needed items; ibuprofen, chicken, rum. Why is it that six items at CostCo always comes to such a high total? I did pass up on some really nifty pants at both CostCo and Target because I wasn't supposed to be buying things "for me." Target has some really COOL pinstriped slacks that I'm dying to get a pair of, if they still have 'em after the holidays.

Saturday: Signed up to work more overtime. Means a good paycheck come the 26th. Since I do gift exchange with friends on New Year's, this is of the good. Will hopefully have some money for getting ready for New Year's Party. :) Came home and promptly went out shopping. Big Lots, Fry's, Michael's. Finished on-line shopping, Amazon and eBay. Hmmm. Gas for truck. Talked into buying pizza (not that it was tough) on Friday. Okay, spent entire paycheck in one DAY. Does that count?

I had thoughts on the whole Spike situation, but again have fallen two days behind in BAPS digests. Had THOUGHTS, dang it. Also had THOUGHTS on political situation. Why can't I have time to write these things down when I have these thoughts? This is why I'm not a great, nationally-syndicated columnist.

Printed out entire "so-far" Sean Patrick story for sillymagpie, who won't read it on-screen. Have to remember to forward WP document to rahirah. It's 68 pages. Nothing much happens, but I'm HAPPY with how it's going. These are characters I find I like, even when they're diddling around. I know where it's going, though. (I just always need to know if anyone ELSE likes it, though.)

Today we bought tree. It is verily tree of the gods. Makes me very happy. Filled with delightful holiday joy. Watched "Charlie Brown Christmas" and the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" while trimming said tree. Burned CDs for my Mom, made labels for them, caught up on my Country boards, tried to find a friend...

All in all, an eventful weekend. I should be MUCH more tired. :)


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Dec. 15th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
Printed out entire "so-far" Sean Patrick story for sillymagpie, who won't read it on-screen.

So I'll see that Wednesday? I'm okay with WP documents. It's just that I can comment better on pages I can scribble on.

I'm much better with reading online now that I have new glasses. Before I couldn't read much online before eye strain and headache set in.

Yay for Tree of the Gods! I'll have to wrap the "real" presents I have for people so far to put under the tree for New Year's.

Dec. 17th, 2003 05:14 am (UTC)
Of course, I've already made a few tiny changes in the pages that have been printed out, I was reading through it last night while I put pieces together (I scribble at work when we're out of work)... :)
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