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Back Around

I'm starting over from the beginning, since I've been at this weight now for over a year with no relief in sight. (Keeping in mind that I REALLY started, back in 2002, at 235 pounds, so it's not like no progress at all has been made!)

Homemade energy bar bits (I took the last batch out of the oven too soon and much of the middle turned into trail mix)

Power Zone bar
Pint skim milk
One serving VitaminWater

Two slices ham
Tblspn mayo
Four small slices olive bread
Two small cucumbers

I can't count the calories on my homemade bars too accurately (made with egg, brown sugar, vanilla, Grape Nuts, steel-cut oats, and almonds), but at a guess, I'm running about 1150 for today, give or take. Only drank two caffeinated Diet Cokes, but a lot of water. This is a good start. I just have to keep it up for the duration.

In other news, I figured out my iPod. I just have to remember how I did it this time - having the iPod plugged in before attempting to change playlists, load them, and everything else. Whoot! I was reading about the iPod mini, and apparently the life of the battery wears lower as it gets older - I think I'd noticed that, but since I usually dock it in my JBL speakers overnight, I tend to keep it pretty well charged. I suppose I ought to try and figure out just how long the battery lasts these days.

I realized that I have almost filled up my large drive - 81.5 gigs used. 25 of those gigs is my iTunes library; several more are dedicated to Doctor Who episodes. I need to get that 750-gig portable drive for my music, so I can rip the rest of my CDs. (Whoever dreamed one could actually fill a 100-gig drive? Of course, I've only used 20 gigs of the old, smaller 50-gig drive.)



Jun. 12th, 2007 04:22 am (UTC)
Ooooh, that wireless drive thing sounds cool! I hope not to reach that point, but it's good to know there are options.
Jun. 12th, 2007 11:50 am (UTC)
Now, one of the things I MAY do in the meantime is actually cull SOME of the music I know I'll never listen to again - things that were sent by some media outlet or other that just didn't appeal to me that much; the thing with iTunes is you have to remove it from the library and THEN delete it from the drive, so it's a process.

The drive isn't that expensive with the coupon - around $250 ($30 off); it just makes for three things in the $300 range in one month, which is a little over budget!

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