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Pearl Harbor Day

I couldn't get out of bed today. I slept and slept, even after waking I slept. I remember bits and pieces of dreams, but nothing intact. I can't remember now where Captain Jack Sparrow fit in, but I vaguely recall him being there. Of course, the cats weren't helping, because after 11 or so, they REALLY wanted me up. I didn't get out of bed until nearly 12:30. I feel really tired. Then I just put on the History Channel and have been watching some very interesting stuff on WWII that included a great disaster at Pearl Harbor in 1944 which was covered up for years because they never really knew what happened (sabotage or accident), and now it's a terrible, horrific tale of what the Japanese did to their prisoners of war. I look at the things which are happening in war now and wonder that all the surviving vets of WWII don't just laugh.
Just heard the line, "Downed airmen were frequently beaten to death by enraged civilians while authorities stood and watched." The discussion on the art form of beatings in the prison camps was pretty damned scary, too.

I wrote quite a bit this week, but haven't gotten it into a form I like. I have my general outline down now, though, and know where I'm going.
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