Kats (wildrider) wrote,

I'm Gay

In true synchronicity, my iPod played Bowling for Soup's I'm Gay followed by Weird Al's Dare To Be Stupid on the way home. I'm chipper. I'm off early, and I'm not even all that tired.

Last night I went to see the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash at the Rhythm Room - they do a great show. I made myself leave at midnight. Then this morning the power in our entire industrial park was knocked out for about an hour, which was fun. We still managed to have pretty much everything done by the time I left.

I was directed to this journal - someone with a lot of time and quick eyes deciphered a lot of "John Smith's" journal (it's from the current episode Human Nature, but there's really no spoilers).


Now it's home and I have a few things to do, but not as much as I had thought (and planned for), since I ended up doing a lot of it on Monday. Whoot!

Somewhat expensive purchases I need to make:

Laser printer (not really too bad, but not such a necessity I've been making an effort)
Elective surgery (probably going to be scheduled in late August)

Some other things I can't remember...
Tags: television
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