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I Won't Mention It Again

It took a lot of work and a lot searching - I found the clip/interview pre-show first, then part TWO of the two-parter (twice), before I finally found the episode I was missing and we were able to watch the full two-hour finale.

WOW. Hurley so totally ROCKS!!!

You know, when it comes to shows like this, I love the puzzles as much as "finally getting answers." Everything I read on this show whines constantly about "never getting answers," while I'm still being massively entertained by =not knowing yet.= Yes, I'll want them eventually, but when everything's answered, the show's over, and I know how bereft I get when something I enjoy ends. So as long as the ride lasts (for three more seasons of 16 episodes each), I'm going to have fun.

I sniffled some when Charlie died, but not as much as I expected just because I thought there were other things he could have done except stand there and "accept his fate." He COULD HAVE, for example, run out of the airlock, slammed the door behind him, and dove into the sea with Desmond - there was no reason they couldn't just swim back out the way they came in, without the scuba equipment (although, of course, Mikhail is outside waiting for them). And why the two didn't remember this wasn't the first time Mikhail came back from the dead is beyond me. It seems anyone who really can speak to the island can't die.

The place where I DID sniffle was when Ben told Alex she was meeting her mother.

And I was SO totally on Sawyer's side when he shot Tom. Not only for Walt (which was his given reason), but for everything Tom did to him. That one was completely justified.

And did I mention how much Hurley rocks?

Very important motto for the people of the island: Always listen to Sayid. Sayid is always right.

I'm very happy now.

Oh, and Hurley? Totally rocks.

We popped up this morning and I started a pot of beans (kidney and pinto) with salt pork, which are now simmering merrily away and smelling tasty. I'll make some corn bread to go with them and we'll probably eat just before we head out to see Pirates. Then we went over to CostCo to compare prices and see about an armchair - they sent out CostCo coupons yesterday which seem to indicate the chair we've been looking at (microfibre faux-suede, recliner/rocker, warm beige) will be on sale next month - in checking, it's a different chair, which is similar in color and fabric, but a little more expensive normally - however, cheaper with the coupon. SO, we'll wait for next month. So we bought a few other things, a little splurging but not TOO bad (I got Scrubs season five), and I spent less money on that than I would have on the chair, so I came out pretty well.

Then home to get some laundry done, I rearranged my shoes (it's really a sickness, shoes), and watch Lost.
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