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I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had anything to talk about, really. I've actually been reading and kept caught up with everyone else's journals, though, which is pretty good - I'm behind on many other things, though.

I haven't finished up the package to send out to the next agent on the list (bad); I have started to break down the novel into chapters (good). I haven't worked on anything or entered any new contests (bad); I have spent more money than I should have (bad); I have managed to clean up a little of this office and clear out SOME clutter (good); no further weight loss, but good maintaining (bad and good)... but that's about all I've been doing for the last week or so.

The other morning, I woke up to this:

Come late spring/summer, the night-blooming cacti go to town. These blossoms are a beautiful moon-pale white and they smell wonderful, too.

And the roses on the far side of the fig have finally started blooming, too, putting forth the most lovely pink blossoms:

On the television front, I haven't watched Lost yet, but House was terrific this week, as was the always-amusing Boston Legal and the edge-of-my-seat, nail-biting Jericho.

Big-time Martha SQUEE this week for Doctor Who, and better yet, if they were going to pick a week to miss, next week is perfect, since I'll be in Las Vegas with Mom for Mother's Day, so I won't miss anything! The trailer for the second half of the season was some additional squee, with the all-important APPEARANCE OF JACK!!! This can only keep getting better and better. (And the shoe freak in me just LOVED Martha's sturdy-and-practical, yet-desperately-cute, purple velvet shoes! Nice enough for a formal event, yet perfectly suited for running from monsters and assisting the Doctor! What more could you want?)

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